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Pool Lift Specialists have over 30 years of experience in the pool safety business. We are the largest full-service Pool lift dealer in the South East Region. We represent the majority of Pool Lift Manufacturers. We do sales and installations countrywide but most of our focus is in Florida. Pool Lift Specialists deal exclusively with pool lifts, pool lift installations, parts, service and support.

Pool lift at a hotel

A Full Service Partner

We offer health checks on pool lifts and can issue a certificate of compliance if required. Pool liftSpecialists can offer the most competitive pricing as we bundle the sale of the Pool Lifts with theinstallation. Pool Lift Specialists stocks the most widely used Pool Lifts at our Depot in Jupiter sothere is no delay in getting a lift delivered and installed.

Experience Our Ethos

PLS are committed to each and every customer, we believe that anyone needing our product has it hard enough and if we can bring the ability to expand their world with what we do and how we do it, with knowledge and compassion we can ‘make a difference and improve the quality of life’ of our customers.