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The i-Swim 2 is ADA-compliant and can be used in many different applications in both commercial and residential settings.  It has a long reach and can clear knee walls and wide gutters, making it suitable for all inground pools and spas. This stunning pool lift is the only portable pool lift on the market that has counterbalancing technology that allows one person to move the lift effortlessly on any deck surface. The i-Swim 2 is fitted with the latest waterproof Linak electronics and is able to be operated by the user or by a second person. The i-Swim 2 has a weight capacity of 350lbs.

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This mobile and portable pool lift enables independent swimming pool access.

Structure Materials: Aluminum / Stainless Steel

Number of Wheels: 4 (2 with brake)

Lifting Structure: Parallelogram

Painting: Powder Coating

Lifting Capacity: 136 kg

Own Weight: ca. 300kg

Voltage: 24V

Battery Performance: Range 50 cycles with charge indicator

Battery Charger: Included

Instruments: Pendant remote control. Emergency stop button on the battery.

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