Aquatic Access - IGAT-180

Powered by water pressure from standard garden-type water hose connection or a plumbed-in line, preferably to a recessed water box.

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Powered by water pressure from standard garden-type water hose connection or a plumbed-in line, preferably to a recessed water box. Capacity: 400 lbs. at 55-65 PSI operating pressure. Maximum 70 PSI to lift or a pressure reducer must be used. Stable seat position for transfer. Standard vertical seat travel of 44”. Automatic 180° seat rotation forward (clockwise) into water. Can be ordered with an Opposite Turn. Deck level and water level controls Capable of unassisted operation from both deck and water levels. Flip-up outer armrest and flip-up footrest are standard. One seat belt included. All seats are slotted for belts at hip or chest. Adjustable seat height on deck, variable (19”, 21”, 23” standard) Portable, equipped with wheel assembly for easy transport. Installs in 2 3/8” OD, 7-1/8” deep deck socket (included) with 1” grounding/bonding stud. Includes socket cover to protect socket when lift is removed. Lowers the rider to chest depth (approximately 18”) below surface of the water. Headrest available as an option, can be retrofit. Spine support board interchangeable with seat available as option. Larger two-piece seat with wider or no armrests available Seat can be padlocked in raised position.


Built of 304L and 316L stainless steel, rubber, various plastics, brass valve.

All welds by GTAW method.

Unibody construction with cylinder as main component of frame structure.

Sturdy plastic seat to enable easy transfer into and out of seat.

Durable patient security belt with convenient hook and loop closure system.

Seat width of 18”, seat depth of 17”, seat height 17 1/4”

Includes socket cover (4 1/2” OD flat with 2” extension for proper fit into socket) for use when lift is removed.

Quality Assurance

Six-year warranty on all stainless steel parts.

All welds of GTAW method per ANSI/AWS D 1.6.

Two-year warranty on plastic, rubber, and brass components.

Service parts available from manufacturer.

Equipment complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), Architectural Barriers Act of 1968 (ABA), California Building Code (CBC) and other state and various local statutes regarding access to swimming pools.

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